Aftermarket Fitment

We have a range of After-Market Systems to meet your needs and our Fitment Team are on hand to give you the best advice on the brands and solutions for your specific vehicle. Our product range includes: Parrot Bluetooth Options, Park Distance Control, Rear View Camera Options (Monitor and Mirror), Dash Camera’s, Electric Windows and Rust-Stop, to name a few.

Product Description
Parrot Bluetooth Systems ranging from straight forward telephony to systems that integrate into your vehicle sound system enabling bluetooth music streaming including a USB port. Please contact us with your requirements and we will find a parrot system to meet your needs.
car dash cameraProduct Description
A dashboard camera or ‘dash cam’ is fast becoming a must-have for drivers, as it can record valuable footage in the event of a crash. The devices record in a constant loop on to their memory cards, and most use GPS to recognise when you come to a sudden halt – in the event of a crash – so that the all-important footage isn’t overwritten. They are especially useful for long-haul, police, security and fleet vehicles.
park distanceProduct Description
Parking sensors are proximity sensors for road vehicles designed to alert the driver to obstacles while parking. Parking sensor systems utilise a set of sensors (eyes) that can be fitted to the rear or front bumpers of a vehicle. Once the vehicle gets within less than 0.45m of the object, the audible warning sounds will indicate that you are close enough or that you need to move with extreme caution.
The benefits of installing Park Distance Control in your vehicle:
1. Safety – Protect your loved ones.
2. Comfort – Reversing and parking made easy.
3. Economy – Prevent costly damage to your car.
We have 2 and 4 sensor options which we will have colour-coded to match your make and model vehicle.
rear view cameraProduct Description
A rear-view camera will help eliminate the blind spot directly behind your car and help you avoid backing into anything. Rear-view cameras often also let you see low areas you can’t see with your mirror, which is especially significant if there are young children in your yard or driveway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in the United States, 50 children per week are struck or run over by a vehicle reversing out of a driveway. They can also help your overall driving safety.
rust stopProduct Description
Rust Stop provides dual technology electronic rust protection for your vehicle, with a 10 year warranty.
car electric windowsProduct Description
Best aftermarket, dedicated vehicle specific 2 door and 4 door electric windows.